From paranormal romance author Bella Lore comes a collection of nine epic novellas, guaranteed to make your heart swoon and your jaw drop.

In Book #6, PROMISED TO THE ALPHA, Nicole has spent all her life dreaming of who her mate will be. She spends her days roaming the forest, exploring with her best friend Shelby, imagining the future.

Until one day, Gavin—the Alpha of a neighboring pack—makes an unexpected visit. Nicole has never heard of such a thing happening before.

And when Gavin finally arrives, he says that he’s here to see Nicole—and that a prophecy foretold their meeting.

Will Nicole fall for the handsome, powerful Alpha?

Is Gavin her fate?

Books #7-#9 in the series—THE ALPHA’S BRIDE, THE ALPHA’S DESIRE, and THE LUNA’S CHOICE—are now also available!