For as long as Isabel could remember, she was a rogue. Her parents were deceased; she had no pack, no mate, and no one at all except for her older brother, Ben. She had grown used to being a nobody, and for the most part, alone. Until she met James, her kindhearted, protective, mate—and her whole life changed.

In Book 2, Isabel embarks on the kind of life she’s only dreamed of. After overcoming the betrayal and lies of her past, Isabel finally feels like she belongs. She’s engaged to be married to the love of her life, James, closer than ever to her brother, Ben, and has become a respected member of the pack. She finally has the family she’s always yearned for. And, soon, her family might be getting even bigger.

Until the unthinkable happens.

In an instant, Isabel loses everything.

When Nicholas, a formidable and ruthless rival, and his band of rogues attack, Isabel’s dreams come crashing down. Now, she’s driven by two forces: her need for revenge and her love for her daughter.

Is her love strong enough to keep her alive? Can Isabel ever overcome her tragedy?

And can Caleb, the gentle, kind monk who saved her, help her find love anew?

Books #3-4 in the series are also available!