With the demon king fatally injured, it is up to Isabel to save him—a feat she can only accomplish by accepting their true mate bond that eclipses millenniums. However, as she learns to love her true mate, she notices danger on the horizon, and those that want to destroy their bond will stop at nothing to do so.

In Book 4, the fate of the demon king—and the universe—rests in Isabel’s hands. Isabel must open her bond with the injured demon king or he will die.

Isabel saves him, simultaneously forming their bond and balancing the world of humans and the world of demons. Their relationship is passionate and fiery, but it’s one of true love.

Isabel learns more about the world and her duties as the Righ. But there’s only so much she can learn when she discovers that her memories and her powers have been sealed at birth by her parents.

Now, she must embark on a quest to uncover her true destiny.

Can Isabel embrace a legacy so old it exceeds language and logic?

And can she unlock her powers in time to save her people and stop the impending war?